About Thermodyne

Thermodyne Technologies, Inc. (TTI) is a technology-based, environmental remediation company located in North Carolina, USA

TTI (formerly Industrial Recovery Systems International, Inc.) was founded in 1998 to provide governmental agencies and industrial clients with specialized remediation services, innovative treatment and recycling technologies for hazardous process waste streams that have been historically transported to RCRA TSD facilities for incineration and/or disposal.

TTI personnel have extensive professional experience with a wide range of conventional and innovative remedial techniques and technologies for the successful treatment and recovery of chemically impacted solid, semi-solid and aqueous matrices. TTI specializes in vacuum-enhanced, low temperature thermal desorption, distillation, and separation technologies.

TTI owns the exclusive worldwide rights to the innovative, proprietary low temperature thermal desorption treatment system, the Matrix Constituent Separator, the “MCS™ Technology”. The MCS™ Technology is an environmentally friendly yet scientifically sound and field proven solution for the remediation of a wide range of chemically-impacted soils and industrial process wastes. The MCS™ Technology has been successfully utilized cost effectively at numerous government installation project sites for the US Environmental Protection Agency, US Department of Energy, various branches of the US Department of Defense, US Army Corps of Engineers and various international industrial facilities worldwide.